Chaz Davies, Race1 (Ret.)

“I’m obviously disappointed. We’ve been playing catch up and we went into the race still trying to figure out our chances after missing out on some precious time during practice. Friday plays a big part in setting up the bike and choosing the right tyre, and unfortunately we couldn’t take full advantage of it, so the plan was to get a good feel for the bike lap after lap and gauge our opportunities. Perhaps of choice for the front tyre wasn’t the best, but that’s not what caused the crash. In both cases, when I released the brake, the front unloaded a bit too quickly. Still, it was good to lead for a while, and we’ll start from that to bounce back tomorrow.”

Chaz Davies, Race2 3rd

“It’s definitely good to step back on the podium after the difficulties we’ve encountered here in Donington. Most of all, it was important to score a positive result after not being able to finish the race yesterday. I think it all began with our problems on Friday, and yesterday I probably pushed a bit too hard, but we’re here to win races and you have to give it a try when you’re in the lead. We know we can do better, there are certainly a few aspects under which we can improve, but it was difficult to beat the Kawasakis on this track. Today, we’ve made some good progress also thanks to the data we gathered yesterday during the race, and the goal is to get to Misano in a different position. We’ll prepare the next round with two days of tests next week, and the first objective will be to improve our results from 2015.”

Leon Camier Race 1 4th

The feeling in the beginning was really good. I managed to get Torres pretty quickly but the rest of the riders has a pretty similar lap time. Anyway I managed to pass Hayden in the last few laps and it was a great satisfaction. All in all it was a really good race and I am for sure happy of our results.

Leon Camier Race 2 5th

To be honest it was a really good race. I struggled a bit on the start and when I managed to get the rhythm I found a good pace but not enough to go with the guys on front.  I did my best to push hard and in the last lap I managed to pass Hayden as well. I am really happy with the result and with the work we did here in Donington.

Lorenzo Savadori Race 1 6th

“For me that today was a good race. At one point I was even close to the third position, but only for a Rea mistake. Maybe that was not exactly our position today, however, the positive thing is that we had a good pace, but in the early laps where I could not feel very well the bike. From mid-race onwards, however, I start to feel better the bike, but we had some difficulty because of some wobbling movements. Towards the final stages of the race, Rea was in front of me made a straight and I seemed to be able to recover a bit ‘on him, I tried to attack him, but I also went a bit ‘longer. Then came Camier and Hayden on the penultimate lap and I tried to take a position, attempting an entry of Hayden but I could not do anything. Despite all it was a good race. It is not yet as I would like but we did better than usual in the second half of the race and for this I thank you for the good work done, Aprilia and Iodaracing Team “.

Lorenzo Savadori Race 2 4th  

“I am very happy about this weekend because we were able to do two good races and a good qualifying, but I still have a little ‘bitter taste in the mouth as far as today’s race . There was threaten to throw away all the work done these days if I had tried to attack Davies, that’s why in the end I did not try to attack, it did not make sense. I preferred to bring home a fourth place which for me is still good . This time, the second half of the race went well, but we have to try to be a little more effective at the beginning because this time I finished the tires searching to reach the way to Davies. At the start, however, it made no sense for me to go ahead because I had need to see what others riders were doing to process my race strategy. It was a very positive race even if in the end I settled, but as he started the weekend the boys Iodaracing Team and Aprilia have all done an excellent I work and I want to thank them. ”


Ayrton Badovini 9th

The Donington weekend leaves a half happy, we made another step forward in development of the CBR600RR and we have very clear what to do to fill the gap with

the official bikes. I still cannot ride as I would in the cornering, we are getting closer to the top positions but at

same time we still struggle a little bit too much to keep the pace of the leaders. So in the coming weeks the team will try some settings on the bike , and in Misano we will see how they work on the track. The feeling with the team is great and I'm really determined to give back my best in three weeks at Misano .

Federico Caricasulo 11th

Not quite a simple week end in Donington , another new track for me and my team !! In fact I am very happy with the lap times, and the way we have been working ! Unfortunately we did not manage to match some factors between the qualifying session and the race  and unfortunately  I could not get into SP2 and starting back is always a lottery! 

In the race in the first phase I was fast, quite close to the leading group,  then I had some contacts witho other riders and some grip problems in the second half of the race that made me less aggressive.  We take P11 result as an improving trend of the season ! We miss a lot to be where we want to , so head down and keep working !! The next round is our home race!!!

Superstock 1000

Leandro Mercado 2nd

“Today it was not possible to do better, so we can be happy with our result. De Rosa made the difference, but we’ve been progressively improving our performance and got much closer, even though we still weren’t perfect in the first couple of sectors. Still, we proved we can aim at the victory on every track, securing a second place which is important for the championship. The morale is high ahead of Misano, where we’re confident we can do even better."


Michael Ruben Rinaldi 5th

“I’ve never raced in Donington before, and it’s not an easy track, so we can be satisfied with our performance. A fifth place doesn’t do justice to our ambitions, but we brought home some important points after a DNF in Imola and also managed to post the second-fastest lap. Unfortunately we dropped the pace just a bit towards the end, otherwise the podium would have been within reach, but our constant progress throughout the weekend leaves us hopeful ahead of Misano.”

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