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Lexan® polycarbonate for Nolan and Grex helmets.

Having remarked on several occasions that general knowledge on "materials" is often imprecise - if not wrong - our purpose is to stress the fact that different materials can be used for the manufacturing of motorcycle helmets, thus obtaining products with different characteristics.

Commonly used materials can be divided in 2 main categories: composite materials (i.e. fibre and resins) and thermoplastic materials.
Thermoplastic materials are polycarbonate, ABS and blend resins      (PC-ABS alloys).

Nolan has always exclusively used SABIC Innovative Plastics (former General Electric Plastics) LEXAN® polycarbonate for the Nolan and Grex brand products: a material that ensures top performances and excellent products in terms of quality and safety.
Compared with other plastic materials with same shape, thickness and manufacturing procedure, LEXAN® offers better results in terms of resistance to violent shocks (no breakings nor piercing).
Another unique feature of this resin is its thermal resistance. Moreover, it is resistant to UV rays exposure.
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