Matteo Cavallo becomes Junior World Champion! A deserved title, conquered with a lot of work, dedication and sacrifice. He arrived in the World Championship two and a half years ago, after a past as a cross-rider, Matteo immediately started working hard and proved that have the numbers to reach the top . Matteo closes the French's GP  with the title and also with a double victory in the Junior Overall!
Matteo: "I worked a lot for this title !! A dream I had as a child that became a reality! There are many people I have to thank for being here today, certainly my family and my girlfriend to follow the whole Team and the sponsors who believed in us!! Thanks to All!!... now remains the Italian Championship where I will have to give my best to try to win the title !!"
Great weekend also for Brad Freeman who with a double win increased his lead in the standings E1, to 28 points. Now only the GP of Germany remains to runin three weeks.
Brad: "The terrain of the special stages of this GP of France has put me in trouble. Saturday i had a good day but today I crashed in the first special, beating my head and shoulder hard, it was not easy to finish the race but I managed to win even if only for 0.9 !! Now I have a good advantage and I can not wait to run in Germany where I will give my best to hit the "target"!!" 

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