The weekend of Misano, MotoGP, is not one to remember for the Nolangroup riders, whose results have been lacking.

However, we are still happy because everything went smoothly and safety and sportiness are the values ??that matter most to us.

Our Alex Rins is still recovering, fifth at the finish line, and difficulties for Danilo Petrucci, sixteenth at the checkered flag. For him, a consolation: his replica dedicated to the home race was one of the most appreciated by professionals and enthusiasts.

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Ah hold on! There is another home weekend to race, again in Misano and therefore our team will be able to make up for it.

Support is needed. Are you on our side?


"Today’s race was hard for me. In the first and middle parts of the race I was feeling confident and I had good pace and a good feeling with the bike. When I could see the podium getting closer I really pushed myself a lot and I began to have some problems with strength in my right arm due to my shoulder injury, so it was very tough to continue fighting. In the end, with a couple of laps to go, I was just trying to get through it and get a good position. I’m happy with fifth because the points are good, but for sure I’ll hope for more next time out."


"Today, I struggled a lot in the race. I had several contacts with a few riders at the beginning, and I couldn't stay hooked to the leading group. As the bike got lighter with the fuel consumption, I was able to find a better pace, but by then, I was too far away to recover on the riders in front. Today's race has allowed us to understand some aspects, and this is an indication that we will serve us for the future. Hopefully, Tuesday's test will help us to get the situation clearer. I'm disappointed that today I couldn't score points: I put it all into it, but unfortunately it wasn't enough."

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