MotoAmerica does not discount Danilo Petrucci. The Americans do not hold back to face the Nolan Group rider who must defend the Italian flag and his origin from the MotoGP. Two tough races, on an unfamiliar track and a weather condition never experienced on his Ducati, however, resulted in a third place in race2, and a second place one step away from victory in race1. Danilo is currently leader in the standings and is driving to the maximum. We can't wait to continue following him to live the American dream with him!


"I don’t know if I was able to pass him on the straight before the finish line, so I tried to pass him in the last corner. I tried, but I’m happy because since VIR we are facing a big problem with the engine brake. This morning we decided to completely change the setup on the engine brake, especially on braking. It seems this morning the bike was working a little bit better. For sure, it was a tough weekend, but I’m happy with this second place. For sure I wanted to win. I tried until the last moment. For sure I understood that I need to be harder on the pass because every rider that passed me pushed me out of the way. From tomorrow on I will try the same."


"This morning we went completely blind into the warmup because I never ride with this bike on the wet. I don’t know actually the traction of this tire and also this track. But at the end it was good. It was really, really wet (in the warm-up session). We go really with the softer, softer, less power, maximum traction control and the bike was working perfectly. Then in the race, the start was good, but out of the second corner I felt like my bike was with no power in the first three gears. Then in fourth, fifth, and sixth my bike going with the acceleration. Then I was able to gain and to not lose a lot of speed. But it was a nightmare. Since the first lap I think even on the main straight the first lap, my bike was shaking. I felt really a lot of spinning. I tried to go as free as possible with the electronics setup, maximum torque, less traction control, but my tire was completely with no rubber. I don’t know if maybe I was too aggressive in the warm-up lap. I don’t know. I tried to manage as much as possible. Tried to brake as hard as possible. But Cameron (Petersen) and PJ (Jacobsen) for sure were better than me in acceleration and they can stop the bike. They were actually riding really, really good. I tried to stay with them, but it was risky to brake harder and harder and harder. I don’t want to lose any other points. Last lap I even didn’t try with PJ because it was too far and too risky. So, congrats to these two guys. At the end, I think I gained some points to my challengers, so I’m happy. For sure, was yesterday and today a missed opportunity, but it’s racing. The championship is so long. Considering it’s a new track for me, it was good after so many problems in VIR. I’m happy."

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