The weekend started uphill with technical problems on the bike that prevented him from fighting for victory from the first laps with an unmanageable Ducati, and ended even worse, despite a podium in Race 2, due to a crash after the finish.

Incredible the controversy that arose later for the failure of the US organization to help our Danilo properly after the crash.

The track, already clearly unsuitable for this type of competition, was joined by a lack of organization, both from the point of view of preventive measures and those of the rescue procedure. The official MotoAmerica press release, with apologies for what happened, certifies the problem raised by our Danilo but, in fact, does not solve it.

For years Nolan Group has been committed to safe motorcycling, through the improvement of its products and with awareness campaigns for responsible driving, on the track and on the road. We hope that all the players in the sector, from race organizers to simple motorcyclists, will never forget how important it is to enjoy our passion while minimizing the inevitable risks it entails.


I am very sorry for the fall on Sunday. Unfortunately the finish line is positioned in a bend in the sixth where there are two dips and I arrived with Scholtz who tried to hold the position.

I tried to get out in the volat but there was no room for both of them so then the steering closed.

Unfortunately, under the finish line there are no images of the incident and this is something to be clarified.

Unfortunately I crashed on the outside of the track coinciding with the first corner and there is no rescue there. As I rolled I hit a couple of billboards that broke my fibula, and got my ankle cut with stitches as well as a bruise and a very large abscess on my leg.

I think it went well because I still crashed at 280kmh.

For the rest, unfortunately, from Friday to Saturday we were unable to understand why the bike no longer had an engine brake.

I was forced to brake a lot earlier and we weren't able to have the same feeling between Friday and Saturday. A fourth and a third place is the best I managed to do.

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