From the first weekend at home we would certainly have expected more, but races are also made up of bad luck and bad days. In Moto2, Canet's pole did not materialize in a placement while Manuel Gonzalez ran into a defective tire that forced him to the rear. Rins, unlucky, did not go better,knocked out by a contact, while Pirro took the measures of a championship in a championship that saw him at his debut this year. Our fast policeman, however, did not look disfigured on his Ducati. What do you do when you fall andlose a battle? We get up to try to win the war. It applies to allmotorcyclists, to whom however we recommend the utmost caution, to never fall. See you in Barcelona! MOTOGP MICHELE PIRRO: 18th "It was not an easy race.The feeling with the bike was not the best, especially under braking. It's a shame because I was convinced I had the potential to bring home some points. Confidence remains high: we will try again next Sunday in Barcelona." ALEX RINS: DNF "I was unlucky today,because I was gaining positions and feeling good, but then I was taken down byanother rider. For me the move was too aggressive, and I went to Race Directionto express my concerns. On the previous lap between corners 10 and 11, Iovertook Nakagami and he opened the throttle and blocked me. The next lap he did the same; he came round the outside and then we collided. Luckily, I’m not injured, but it was a shame for me. The next race is at a track I really like, I want to enjoy it, and we all want to return to form and show what we can do." MOTO2: ARON CANET: DNF "I'm sorry for how theweekend ended. The polemics had given us hope and we were strong and ready for a win. Unfortunately I crashed while I was in second position and I was fighting to lead the race. We will definitely make up for it in Barcelona." MANUEL GONZALEZ: 11th "The race has not been as we expected. During the first lap, I was not feeling good with the rear tyre. It was defective. I tried to push a lot and to manage the race but i was going onesecond slower than the time I could do. We have to forget this race and concentrate to Barcelona, hope not to have more bad luck."

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