The Most race in the Czech Republic has two faces. That of the placings and fast laps of Lecuona and Caricasulo, and that of the crashes and failures that ruined their races.

A breath from pole for Caricasulo in Supersport and a bad crash for Lecuona.

In the race 1 it was Federico's turn to be hit by an opponent while in race 2 Lecuona punctured a few laps to go while he was close to the leaders. There isn't much to say except that now it's time for the summer break and our guys will finally rest. And you? Are you already on vacation? We want to see your photos on our social channels. We are waiting for you!



"All in all, today wasn’t at all bad to be honest. After crashing in FP2 yesterday, I had a tough night as I was in quite a lot of pain and didn’t sleep much. I want to thank the doctors for their help in dealing with that. I was declared fit for action this morning, and so was back on my bike for FP3. Conditions were mixed but allowed me to understand if I was feeling physically OK or not. Things went well but the same can’t be said of the qualifying session sadly. I didn’t have good feeling with the bike and finished the session pretty angry with anyone and everyone, myself including, because twelfth place and 1.4” off the pace is too much for us. Then in the race we moved back into positive territory, with a solid performance. The start wasn’t bad, but it was a bit hectic, with some riders hitting me in the leg, but I maintained my focus and just tried to do my best. I have to say that our pace was good, especially in the second half of the race. I actually set my fastest time on the seventeenth lap, quicker than my qualifying effort in fact, and I was able to finish P8, very close to Rinaldi. So, my thanks to the team and everyone around me who believes in me and supported me after my crash yesterday. I’m happy with today and now we’ll see what we can do tomorrow."


"What can I say? I’m very frustrated with the final outcome today, for many reasons. In this morning’s warm-up I felt so good and was fast and consistent lap after lap. I knew we could run a strong sprint race in order to gain positions on the grid for race 2. The start of the Superpole race was particularly chaotic, with a few riders running wide through the chicane and cutting in front of me, which meant I dropped to P14. But I was feeling so good that I was able to catch up again, moving up to seventh, almost sixth actually but I couldn’t quite engineer a last lap fight with Locatelli. I was very happy with everything anyway. Unfortunately, though, in race 2, things turned out a lot worse as I wasn’t comfortable with the rear, which felt nothing like it had in the previous race or yesterday. So the gap between me and Gerloff and Locatelli increased. Initially, I couldn’t understand why but then, with just two laps to go, I felt the rear tyre give up and I was forced to stop with a flat tyre along the straight. I’m very sad with what is our first DNF of the season, as it was not something we could do anything about. Not only has our points-scoring run come to an end, but we also missed out on the chance to move back into fifth position in the championship. I’m frustrated about what happened but, at the same time, I once again want to thank the team because they’ve worked very well and we were able to turn around what started out as a challenging weekend."



"Qualifying went very well and we made a great lap time, all our own nerit. I missed the pole because I've pulled other riders, but I'm still very happy.

There is not much to say about the race. The usual rider made the usual move by hitting everyone in front of him. It's a real shame because we had the pace to stay ahead. I don't know if it would have been possible to win but that is the feeling. We will try again tomorrow."


"I was honestly expecting something more.

Surely we missed yesterday's race especially in terms of data collection and it affected a lot. Probably today would have been the race we should have done yesterday to do something better today after having collected important data, exactly as our opponents did.

Apart from that, I had a good start but then I found myself at the limit and I was unable to stay with the others. I didn't feel good with the front today and It was like "riding on eggs" despite pushing hard. I made two mistakes that cost me a lot because I lost a time. It was a weekend in which to collect more, as I was very fast in practice. We have to work to try and do something better at Magny Cours.

Federico Caricasulo Race2"

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